• Transform. Balance. Organize.

    Ensure all managers can see how the supply chain is performing at any time.

    Integrate your operations with the rest of the company.

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  • Streamline. Simplify. Diversify.

    Gain realtime visibility of inventory

    Inject speed into sales order processing

    Improve quality of customer inquiries

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  • Explore. Discover. Identify

    Discover customer insights & trends

    Explore, uncover & analyze

    Identify most profitable customers

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  • Reduce. Gain. Measure.

    Reduce lost sales due to out-of-stock products

    Gain control over your inventory investment & COGS

    Measure sales and service performance

    Grow Your Business with OMS
  • Innovative. Creative. Dynamic.

    OMS Enterprise Business Solutions

    Powerful capabilities for your business

    Expand Your Business with OMS

More than 9,000 Growing Companies Run OMS for their Business

On Premises or OMS Cloud

OMS means sustained competitive advantages of increased revenues, decreased costs and reduced risk. OMS is company-wide and integrates all of your departments, divisions, lines of business and geographical locations into a single, shared, unified, enterprise-wide, information system.

The alignment of a business and OMS enterprise business software delivers realization of goals and objectives.

OMS is Real-Time Inventory | Accounting | eCommerce | EDI | CRM

Looking down the road ahead, businesses face a future in which the realities of the business environment differ from the past in novel and challenging ways.

The traditional ways businesess make money and grow will be rewritten through a combination of external forces of change and by the strategic responses of innovative businesses. Despite these challenges facing distribution executives, their an underlying message of optimism about the industry’s future. Today and in the future, it is firmly believed businesses have many new opportunities to put themselves on the road to renewed relevance and increased profits.

OMS means sustained competitive advantages of increased revenues, decreased costs and reduced risk. OMS is company-wide and integrates all of your departments, divisions, lines of business and geographical locations into a single, shared, unified, enterprise-wide, information system.

OMS Enterprise business software integrates the functionality needed in order to automate the operations of small to mid-sized businesses by helping them broaden their relationships with their customers and suppliers.

OMS makes managing inventory, , sales, order processing, order fulfillment, purchasing, warehouse management, electronic data interchange (EDI), ecommerce, CRM more efficient and effective for emerging and growing businesses.

  • OMS Delivers a Realtime View of Your Business Processes

    Building and Sustaining Growth

    OMS Enterprise business software is a cross-functional integrated suite of scalable software that supports the internal business processes of a small to mid-size wholesale distributor.

    OMS offers an integrated real-time view of its core business processes such as; order processing and inventory management, tied together with tracking business resources and the status of commitments made by your business.

    OMS includes customer orders, purchase orders, customer demands, business intelligence , accounting and financial reporting no matter which department (purchasing, sales, accounting, and so on) has entered the data into the system.

    OMS facilitates the information flow among and between all business functions and, manages connections to outside stakeholders; like customers, sales, suppliers and, management.

  • Efficient Performance - Full Synchronization of Inventory

    Binding Your Distribution Business Together

    Keeping pace with customer and vendor supply and organizing your warehouse absolutely improves the overall performance of your wholesale/retail distribution business.

    OMS can help to resolve all the bottlenecks of efficient performance. You can establish an unlimited number or bins within your warehouse or even among your multiple warehouses. Integration of OMS Enterprise business software and OMS Warehouse Management System (OMS WMS) means no inventory balance discrepancies.

    Full synchronization of inventory balances is how inventory attributes are maintained and used across the two systems with accuracy at the forefront. Wireless, handheld scanning devices in your warehouse allows you to quickly locate product, reduces data entry time along with reducing picking and packing time while increasing productivity.

  • Grow Your Business and Delight Customers With Realtime eMaster eCommerce

    eMaster Business-to-Business Solutions for Varying Needs

    Self-service options will change the way you do business with customers and transform your salesforce. Customers will roam online, searching for information and taking over more of the pre-sales and transactional activities typically handled by wholesale distributors. Distributors will not have a lock on information needed by customers to make purchasing and sourcing decisions, since manufacturers and online sources will make such information readily available.

    eMaster builds your business in many ways. eMaster is a fully integrated Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) eCommerce solution with an integrated shopping cart and products showcase.

    Because individual wholesale/retail distribution business Internet plans vary eMaster solves these varying needs with a "series" of eMaster, from level one basic to eMaster Enterprise Pro Join the thousands of OMS customers enjoying the low sales cost highly profitable ecommerce world. You won't be disappointed

    Now it is very clear that the Internet cannot be overlooked. "Don't just built a web site! - - Build your business!"