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We are also pleased to announce the release of our enhanced
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Increase Warehouse Efficiencies - Improve Performance with the OMS Warehouse Management System

Inventory Control

OMS software has been solving the problems of wholesale/retail distribution companies for more than 20-years. Wholesale/retail distributors using OMSrely on OMS Enterprise Business Software to manage the entire range of business activities including Inventory control with Multiple Warehouses , to Integrated Accounting, manufacturing planning, purchasing, CRM, and more.

Delivering realization of goals and objectives for wholesale distribution businesses through OMS Business Software .

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Wholesale/Retail Distribution businesses face several challenges regarding effective supply chain management. Tracking products, maintaining traceability, ensuring timely deliveries and controlling expenses are chief among these concerns. The OMS software solutions have been developed to address these concerns.

OMS is an integrated software solution with the ability to manage data at all levels of the supply chain, from procurement to distribution. OMS offers your business several advantages when it comes to streamlining and automating functions related to tracking, data analysis, inventory management and business accounting. For example:

  • Gain Visibility to Your Workflow - Built-in System Intelligence

    Workflow Monitoring

    Managing your employees effectively
    Requires software with real-time visibility to balance the workload and exception alerts to handle small problems before they have an opportunity to grow. Within the OMS WMS is a set of web-based dashboard tools to help monitor and track work flow and productivity as well as provide alerts to eliminate problems before they become problems.

    Visibility Benefits—Eagle's Eye View of All Processes and Movement
    The system visibility in the OMS warehouse management system is critical to companies looking to have leaner and more agile operations. Whether it is a question of how much of an item you have in stock, if an order has been shipped or how many line items an employee has picked in the past hour, increased visibility gives your managers the ability to work smarter and more efficiently.

    Achieving The Goal
    Bring the right data to the right individual on the floor at the right time. There is no need to replace any of your current OMS data; we take the data provided by your order(s) creation – convert that data to the proper format – and then our advanced inventory tracking system feeds that data to the various tablets used within your facility.

    Users are then able to either capture a rich flow of data, or to be presented with appropriate data or instructions. OMS brings you the power and accuracy of our Warehouse Mobile Solution provideing the freedom of not having to carry a heavy RF gun in one hand, the screens of the ANDROID or iPad display precise data to the user and finally, industry leading iWMS software orchestrates the perfect communication of data from host to tablet and back to host

  • Ensure Operational Efficiency and Process Improvements

    Fortify Your Operations

    Increase your profitability
    By improving your operational efficiency and strength with a comprehensive ERP software and solution catered to your unique business needs.

    Increase efficiency
    With fast order entry, dynamic pricing options, data integrity and enhanced routing, delivery and loading plans.

    Manage your inventory
    With real-time data to reduce excess inventory, avoid stock-outs, rapidly locate inventory, decrease returns and reduce picking errors.

    Make data-driven decisions
    Based on business intelligence that allows you to identify your top customers and your most popular and profitable products.

    Improve your customer and vendor experiences
    By creating a unified system for managing sales, marketing and customer service.

    Expand your business
    To big box retailers by meeting trade requirements and implementing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions.

    With your clients and extend real-time supply chain visibility through an integrated wholesale distribution Web portal.

  • Improve the Overall Health of Your Business

    Operate On A Whole New Level

    OMS is a groundbreaking business management software suite that optimizes efficiency and productivity at all levels of inventory operations.

    Unlike other business solutions, OMS offers a fully integrated digital platform that provides a single information portal for all facets of inventory management. OMS streamlines product tracking, data analysis, business productivity and accounting. OMS even allows businesses to program goals and track progress.

    OMS is a powerful and intuitive platform that maximizes staff time, lowers expenses, and optimizes inventory management at all stages of the inventory process.

    OMS offers wholesale/retail distribution businesses an effective, integrated method of data management. It constantly gathers, collects and analyzes data. Most importantly, it provides a single intuitive portal through which personnel can access information, generate reports and view analysis. OMS's seamless integration ensures that all data is available, accessible and understandable. This is particularly valuable when assessing productivity and efficiency across the entire supply chain