Sell on NuORDER

Pavo provides a comprehensive solution for syncing inventory, fulfillment, and order management for your NuORDER, enabling OMS to sync seamlessly with NuORDER.


sync orders to oMS

Periodically sync your NuORDER orders to OMS

Orders from NuORDER will be posted to OMS as sales orders

Order edits from OMS will be reflected in NuORDER


Key Features

  • Maintain products in OMS, automatically updating your NuORDER catalog

  • Sync inventory availability to your NuORDER account, including immediate and future quantity

  • Upload B2B customers from NuORDER to OMS, including NuORDER customer groups

  • Download orders from NuORDER to OMS, and sync order edits from OMS back to NuORDER

  • Upload tracking numbers and shipment information from OMS to NuORDER when an invoice is generated in OMS



Sync Inventory & Fulfillment

Products created and updated in OMS will be reflected in NuORDER.

Inventory levels are updated in NuORDER, updating the availability for immediate or future orders using OMS Purchase Orders


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