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Wholesale, meet e-commerce.

E-Commerce is taking over. Your business needs to evolve and take advantage of exposing your products online to keep up with customer demand. Pavo is a cloud-based platform that connects your existing OMS solution online, so you can maintain your existing software for wholesale distribution while opening up an entirely new sales channel to sell your product.



some of our clients

Some of our clients integrating OMS and Pavo with their e-commerce strategy.

The ways customers purchase products are changing, and we have to take advantage of this new market. While we continue our B2B orders using OMS, we see that we can generate more revenue using Pavo and its e-commerce integrations.
— Bob Heger, Old Friend Footwear


By OMS, for OMS

OMS is the best software solution to manage your accounting and inventory, and we have a proven 30 year history to show it. Pavo is tightly linked with OMS to provide you the flexibility to link your business operations online, whether it is e-commerce sites, marketing platforms, or shipping solutions. With any new solution released on Pavo comes a deep integration with OMS.


One-Click Integrations

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Maximize your online presence in the world’s largest online retail marketplace.

A free, open-source e-commerce plugin for Wordpress websites. WooCommerce has hundreds of plugins that can be used to build a powerful website.

With a user-friendly platform to create e-commerce websites, Shopify gives your business the ability to create a website to your specifications.


Offer in more categories than any other marketplace with eBay.



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From the team who built OMS comes Pavo, an easy and powerful way to connect your leading e-commerce sites with the most powerful ERP system for wholesale distributors. Contact us today.


Constant updates

We’re always improving and adding new features to Pavo, and they’re all included.

technical support

Pavo subscribers get on-demand technical support at no additional charge.

training & installation

We’ll be with you every step of the way, from configuring OMS to use Pavo to training.