Make better decisions to scale your business. Get a competitive advantage.

In today’s world, you need to keep track of your business’s operations so that you can stay ahead of the competition. OMS provides a complete solution to ensure transparency and efficiency in your business so you can sustainably generate more sales and serve your customers.


Track inventory in multiple warehouses, including third-party logistics (3PL)

Use wireless scanners to track inventory by box, case, or individually

Support for kits, lot tracking, serial numbers, style/color/size and more

Allocate orders for immediate processing, reserves, and back order control

Warehouse Management

Monitor the flow of products throughout your warehouse to better serve your customers.

Use any device scanner to improve accuracy and reduce efforts in PO receiving, put away, picking, packing, and more

Keep track of your inventory at a granular level, up to the specific bin location

Monitor warehouse worker performance with a task manager and real-time dashboard

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Receive and process orders electronically and automatically from over 180 major trading partners.

Post sales orders by batch or groups

Generate your own EDI 856 ASN using our ASN Wizard, and create EDI 810 invoices directly from ASN 856 or with your own invoice numbers

Compatible with EDI providers such as DiCentral, ecUtopia, eZCom, and SPS Commerce

Sales Tracking

Integrated support with e-commerce sites to forecast sales

Generate sales commissions by payment or profit plans

Create alternate items by associating items with each other

Reorder from past invoices, quotes, or frequently purchased products


Fully integrated chart of accounts so that you can monitor your cash flow

GAAP-compliant financials for your balance sheet and income statement

Synchronize your sales and purchase orders with accounts receivables, accounts payables, and automate your bank reconciliations


Sell your inventory via numerous sales channels, from marketplaces to website builders

Synchronize inventory quantity and price updates on each sales channel

Download orders and synchronize fulfillment information

Scale your business with OMS today!

Accelerate and grow your business with a complete solution. OMS is your next step in achieving your milestones.