integrate ecUtopia EDI with OMS

With EDI integration between ecUtopia and OMS, expect a lot more efficiency placing EDI orders. Grow your wholesale business with OMS and ecUtopia.


let ecUtopia send orders to OMS

Exchange data seamlessly between OMS and ecUtopia. Keep your inventory and accounting up to date in OMS while processing orders from ecUtopia.

With the OMS EDI module, you can trade with over 180 major EDI partners easily. OMS can generate your own EDI 856 ASN using the OMS ASN Wizard and create EDI 810 invoices directly from ASN 856 with your own invoice numbers. This information can be sent over to ecUtopia without ever leaving OMS.

With ecUtopia, OMS offers a system that automates transaction to reduce manual entry. This powerful integration works to improve compliance with your major trading partners, and expect accurate inventory and accounting from OMS.


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