Inventory Management

Our multi-warehouse inventory management solution will make your business scale and easier to manage as you grow.

Keep an eye on multiple warehouses.

Having a distributed logistics system shouldn't just be limited to large international businesses. Cover multiple locales and expand your reach. By diversifying the regions you can cover, you can choose where your inventory will reach the most demand.

OMS can manage multiple warehouses with ease. You'lll have the most up-to-date information on where your inventory is, its stock levels, and commitments on your products. You can move inventory between warehouses.

With OMS, you can also create “virtual warehouses" where inventory is allocated for specific purposes. This can be an FBA warehouse, inventory marked for selling directly with Pavo, returns, damaged goods, showroom inventory, and much more.

Automate everything.

Remove the need to worry about repetitive, time-consuming tasks your company does manually. OMS can automate many of the inventory management process.

OMS can monitor quantities on-hand and automatically generate purchase orders whenever stock levels reach predetermined minimum quantities.

OMS also automates landed costs calculations, adjusting the inventory asset value by including additional expenses associated with purchasing and receiving these items into the warehouse. OMS allocates all costs of the shipments received by dollars, volume, or weight to capture landed costs, then resets weight average costs to each item within the warehouse control system.

Sell shoes or apparel? We built a system just for you.

OMS is built for the shoes and apparel industry. Shoes and apparel contain their own considerations when counting inventory such as color, size, and pre-pack run variants.

With OMS, your items are assigned a specific item number, allowing each color/size/run configuration to be its own unique SKU tied to this specific item. Each SKU can have its own attributes, such as season, department, or even warehouse allocations.

Lot Number and Serial Number Support

If you sell items that require tracking each individual item with lot number or serial numbers, OMS can easily identify each item's individual lot/serial number for quality control, compliance, service management, warranty management, or product recalls.

Scan you lot or serial numbers at the time of receiving and easily identify those numbers for each item during invoicing for traceability by customer order. With OMS, you can identify the true profitability of each batch or serial number sold.

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