Warehouse Management System

Organize your warehouse for peak performance while staying seamlessly integrated with OMS.


Receive, Scan, Put-Away.

WMS provides order control via handheld scanning devices built into the warehouse control system. After receipt of products, WMS can direct warehouse workers to “put away” inventory to assigned locations or bins for easy storing, picking, or inventory count.

Paper is so 20th Century.

Keep a paperless workflow for all your orders, whether they come through EDI, sales reps, or through e-commerce sites using Pavo. WMS can automate your entire order fulfillment process electronically in batches.

OMS Sales Orders or Pick Tickets can pull and confirm all products needed to fulfill customer orders, and warehouse workers are directed to the bin locations for confirmation during the order management process.


stay synced with OMS

WMS provides real-time tracking for products to be received, picked, packed, shipped, on-hold, marked as damaged, or marked for completed orders. Inventory status is available down to the inventory item level, and you can even cross-dock inbound to outbound orders to save even more time. The OMS ERP operates seamlessly and accurate inventory control.

For wholesale/retail distribution operations WMS is able to segregate receipts by client order while Open-to-Sell reporting keeps you up-to-date on unassigned inventory, allowing for fast turnaround on products to be sold and shipped.

Get a bird’s Eye view with the dashboard

WMS provides a Dashboard to monitor, measure, and actively engage your warehouse personnel with Task Scheduling and real-time monitoring with visual interactive dashboards. WMS controls the release and allocation of orders, delivers, and warehouse activity and assigns tasks to warehouse staff.

The WMS Task Manager can carry out stock replenishments, put-aways, and picks in a logical sequence simultaneously and in real-time. This can be adjusted down to an individual picker’s assignments and performance, enabling warehouse managers to better allocate resources and planning.

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