Digitize your warehouse operations

Maintain a high volume of goods with a modern warehouse management system (WMS) that's linked to OMS ERP.

Warehouse Management with a WMS is as easy as...







Paper is so 20th-century.

Keep a paperless workflow for all your orders. WMS can automate your entire order fulfillment process electronically in batches.

OMS Sales Orders or Pick Tickets can pull and confirm all products needed to fulfill customer orders, and warehouse workers are directed to the bin locations for confirmation during the order management process.
Optimize your warehouse with bin transaction log inquiries.

Real-time WMS Dashboard, synced with OMS

  • Monitor, measure, and actively engage your warehouse personnel with Task Scheduling and real-time monitoring with a visual interactive dashboard
  • Carry out stock replenishments, put-aways, and picks in a logical sequence simultaneously and in real-time, adjusted to a picker's assignment and performance
  • Provide real-time tracking for products to be received, picked, packed, shipped, on-hold, marked as damaged, or marked for completed orders, which syncs back to OMS for inventory control

Let's optimize your warehouse.