Get an advantage with OMS ERP

OMS provides you a complete solution in your business so you can generate more sales and serve your customers.

Inventory Management

OMS has a powerful inventory management solution, tailor built to any industry.
  • Track inventory in multiple warehouses, including third-party logistics warehouses (3PL)
  • Use wireless scanners to track inventory by box, case, or individually
  • Support for kits, lot tracking, serial numbers, style/color/size and more
  • Allocate orders for immediate processing, reserves, and back order control

Warehouse Management

With a powerful WMS, OMS fully integrates with a complete warehouse management solution to keep your inventory up-to-date.
  • Monitor the flow of products throughout your wearehouse to better serve your customers
  • Use any device scanner to improve accuracy and reduce efforts in PO receiving, put away, picking, packing, and more
  • Keep track of your inventory at a granular level, up to the specific bin location
  • Monitor warehouse worker performance with a task manager and real-time dashboard

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Sell your products to the largest retailers? OMS has support for EDI so you can quickly process your orders and get paid.
  • Receive and process ordres electronically and automiatically from over 180 major trading partners
  • Post sales orders in bulk or groups
  • Generate your own EDI 856 ASN using the OMS ASN Wizard and create EDI 810 invoices directly from ASN 856 with your own invoice numbers
  • Compatible with leading EDI providers such as DiCentral, ecUtopica, eZCom, and SPS Commerce

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OMS comes with a fully integrated accounting system that updates in real-time as you process orders.
  • Fully integrated chart of accounts so you can monitor your cash flow
  • GAAP-compliant financials for your balance sheet and income statements, so you can report your financials to the necessary providers
  • Synchronize your sales and purchase orders with A/R & A/P and automate your bank reconciliations

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